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Monday, March 12, 2012

Clean Underwear for Everyone!

Have you ever turned your underwear inside out and worn it a second time? I mean, have you done it since college? (Or in the case of unmarried males, since you turned 50?)

Well, I’m not quite there yet, but it’s getting embarrassingly close. You’d think that being out of work would leave me a lot of free time to get caught up around the house, although those of you who have read my previous confession of procrastination ("How to Avoid Doing Anything") already know better.

The thing is, being unemployed is exhausting. For one thing, people expect you to do extra stuff that they would never otherwise ask of you. After all, “You’re not doing anything.” So chores that might usually fall to the man of the house have become my duties – things like getting the tax information together, paying the bills, taking the car in for repair, doing the yard work, snaking the bathtub drain, etc. Sure, my husband will point out that I always did those things even when I had a job. (Let’s not go there, shall we? I want to keep this marriage intact.) But nowadays, I feel extra guilty about not doing them because after all, I’m unemployed, bringing in no money and I’m not doing anything. So I’m not blaming him. Not today, anyway.

For one thing, I’ve applied for law school. While the chances for my getting in this year are slim to none, I’m optimistic about next year and I’m taking classes at the university, finishing my undergraduate degree, and studying to boost my LSAT score. So that takes a lot of time.

Then there is the community action volunteer work. As a business person, I was active in a number of organizations and I still hold office in some. Just because you are temporarily out of work, doesn’t mean you should remove yourself from your peers in the business community. Some would even advise that those contacts and visibility are more important than ever for future employment. After all, the tooth fairy isn’t going to pay for law school. And there’s my volunteer work with homeless shelters, which has been a part of my life for so many years I can’t even imagine a world without it.

And then there is social media. Social media is like heroin. The more you get “connected” the more relationships you form. And relationships, like marriage, require constant work to stay viable. My drug of choice is LinkedIn. And within LinkedIn, my “family” is Career Insider Network. But two weeks ago, I started seeing another group on the side.

It began innocently enough. Bloggers Helping Bloggers seemed like a good way to connect with other frustrated writers such as myself. But part of being involved with this group required that I read a lot of blogs. They were fascinating and I have learned a bunch of stuff. And because I find it rude to visit a blog and not contribute to the conversation even modestly, I always leave a comment as a footprint to show that I was there. Frankly, it’s gotten out of control. I have been known to wake up in the middle of the night and check my groups to see what’s going on. (Don’t tell my husband. He thinks I’ve developed a bladder problem.)

So now, the house has gone to hell in a handbasket. The laundry is piling up. I still haven’t finished my homework for tomorrow’s class. And while I’m making confessions, it’s after 4:00 and I haven’t eaten yet today. I’ve just been on the computer endlessly. Enough! It’s time to throw down my mouse and go cold turkey. I’m going to get dressed (yes, you heard that right), go downstairs and wash a load of clothes while I make myself a grilled cheese sandwich.

Free. Free at last! Clean underwear for everyone!!!.
(Are we having fun yet?)


  1. Awww, no wonder that you didn't drop by to munch the cup-cakes I had been holding on to (also see my comment on your previous post). Yes, social networking and blog surfing does take up a lot of time. I restrict it largely to lazy Sunday afternoons (with a few aberrations, which include Monday and Tue mornings).
    Enjoy the grilled cheese sandwich.

  2. Hi Kay,

    I believe one reason why being unemployed is exhausting is because you were probably so busy when you worked you didn't have time to think and now your brain is probably working overtime about what ifs.
    It is great you applied for law school and I bet you do get in as you seem one determined woman. As I believe in fate, if you were not employed you may not have taken up blogging and we may not have had the opportunity to enjoy your writing and meet you in the blogging group.

  3. I'm glad I got to "meet" you in the blogging group and have totally enjoyed reading all the comments. Like you, I had to cut down a bit on the commenting stuff and actually "live my life" including doing my own laundry-ha. I had a fabulous weekend, enjoyed a beautiful sunset by the beach and went on a relaxing 4 mile walk thru my neighborhood park on Sunday. Today (Monday) it was back to reality and back to the office-ha. I'm sending you good karma for a fabulous week ahead! Cheers!

  4. Kay, loved reading your post. Like you, I wake up thinking, Oh no, I didn't reply to this person's post. I am new to blogging and writing and find sites like these a great resource. BTW, you're hilarious! That bladder line, I really laughed out loud!

  5. I love your writing! I have not been active in the blogging group long - Bloggers Helping Bloggers - and spend my time mostly lurking and reading and learning from it, but your comments have been great. I had to come read the blog. It's a 'keeper'!

  6. I teach a social media class & liken it to crack; cheap and highly addictive. Social media can be a big time suck especially when you first start, but as with all things, moderation is the key but is different for everyone. Some people can and will comment on every blog they read. Others, like say a single parent with 2 teenagers and a full-time job (say me), are more selective in what social media sites we're active on, what blogs we read, and where / when we comment.

    You're blog is both a pleasure to read and informative so I will make time to visit regularly. It's that quality vs. quantity debate: I'd rather spend my limited time reading quality blogs like yours than spreading myself too thin and retaining very little of what I read.

    Also, men are never too old for the underwear trick! (Your sense of humor is a gift and makes this blog a real gem.)

  7. I don't know what to say here, except GREAT OPENING PARAGRAPH! That's the way to set the hook!

    I can almost see Martin Luther King saying those words! Nice ending, loved it!

  8. How terrible that Bloggers helping Bloggers made you develop a "bladder problem". We hence need to make sure you didn't sacrifice your health for nothing. A lot of reciprocating should cure it.

    All the best

  9. Kay, You're hysterical. I have never read an analogy quite like this before. Have you always had this much energy or is the Bloggers Helping Bloggers group fueling it? (Good luck with the laundry and law school!)

  10. Girl, really! Turning your underwear inside out is just not acceptable. An intervention will be necessary if you do that. If you haven't do laundry in 3 months and the hubster has decided to go commando due to the laundry issue, do what I do... sneak into hubby's wallet (after you've finished with 'your bladder problem' and he's asleep again) sneak $10 and head to the local dollar store the next day. So what that the panties look like there from your great aunt Lucretia's dresser. They're clean, right?

    (By the way, this weekend I finally emptied the dryer after a month and I found $20!! Who says I don't have a job?!!)

    Somewhere under a huge stack of papers

  11. And what's with this "Prove you're not a robot" crap? Would you like me to open a vein at your front door? Plus I want to see the dictionary that has these two words:

    wsTheise urthass

    Orkian language dictionaries are very hard to come by on Earth!!

    At the library trying to find the translation for 'urthass' (Don't go there!!)

    1. I'm very sorry about your having to prove that you're not a robot, Liz. But you'll be happy to know that I found out why you couldn't locate weTheise urthass in the dictionary. You spelled it wrong -- it's "i" before "e" except after "C" (and vowels sounding like "A" such as neighbor and weigh).

      If you break it out into it's base root words, "we...the...is..eurth (that's a very obscure term for push or shove)...ass" you will quickly see that weTheise urthass is Orkian for "up yours."

      Those four years of high school Latin really HAVE come in handy!

  12. OMG! That is hilarious. But I know what you mean. I'm between jobs right now too and I don't know what will happen to my blog and blogger groups when I finally start work again.

    It's true. You start taking on more chores that you normally would not have time for and before you know it the day is gone.
    I just find looking for work to be very time consuming.

    Great post, Keep it up.

  13. But did I mention when last night everything was in the wash so I had to sleep bare!
    Thanks you made me smile.

  14. Kay,
    First of all let me say, "No, I've not ever turned my underwear inside out and worn them for a second time." I had not heard of such a thing until your blog. **Each one teach one**

    During my time of unemployment, my standard answer to the "you're not doing anything anyway" was " I plan my free time and I didn't factor in doing anything for you during that free time." That's just in case you need a snappy retort. Somehow, I don't think that you will need it. You're HEEL-LAR-EE-US!

  15. You are a very talented and funny writer. I never heard of turning the underwear inside out for a second use. You rule Kay!

  16. I've never done the underwear thing. Thank God. But it's funny to hear others do it. And I understand about getting caught up with social media. I have a better handle on it after reading this article that calls it "insecurity work". It could help. http://the99percent.com/tips/5810/Reduce-Your-Level-of-Insecurity-Work

  17. Great post. I love the stuff about social media. All so true. And forget the housework. Who cares? good luck with the educational goals. I was a late bloomer in the education arena - B.S. at 48 - graduate work in my 50's. At 61 - unemployable - have to create my own opportunities. Gotta love it!

  18. Well I'm personally glad that you've developed you "bladder problem" and started surfing blogs around the net, and that you took the time to leave a comment on mine. It's how I found this great little corner of the web, and I have to say I really enjoy your writing. So Thank You!

  19. Kay, great post. I enjoy the style and honesty of your writing. By the way, put a check for me in the "Like" column on the title of your blog. Good luck with the LSATs and law school. My retirement plan is to go back when I am 50 and pursue a PhD or law degree. You certainly have a way of getting the readers attention with your headers and openings, and I I look forward to following your journey with your blog.

  20. I have never done the underwear thing either! Gross lol! Have you found out about the LSATs yet? That must be exciting and nerve wrecking.

    I agree with the others that you have a great writing style that is contagious. I hope to develop one someday but that will come as my kids age. Thank you for visiting my blog too!