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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Go Ahead -- Dare to Fail

My friend’s Broadway show is closing on Sunday after only 45 performances. He’s a big star and it was a major show, but it never sold more than 23% of the seats. It will probably lose money. Speaking of losing money, another friend of mine in New York City discovered last week that his new business partner has stolen $50,000 from the company. He’s filing a lawsuit this week.

We’ve all heard that old phrase, “Failure is not an option.” Horsefeathers! Failure is always a possibility. The only way to avoid failure is by never trying and if we never try, nothing will ever move forward.

Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted.

Me, I’ve got experience up the wazoo. Horrific failures (my ex-husband comes right to mind). But it’s OK. Because I learn a little something every time I fail. And as we all know, going to school isn’t free. It costs something to go to school – money, time, self-esteem. But it’s a necessary process to avoid repeating something stupid, like marrying another scummy lawyer. (And, trust me on this, that’s a lesson that you want to avoid at all costs!)

The only guaranteed way to avoid failure is by never taking a chance. At the same time, the only guaranteed way to avoid success is by never taking a chance. The economy sucks (this is big news?) and the odds are against your success. People will disappoint you. They will break your heart. But what’s the option? To never experience the thrill of seeing your face on the cover of New York magazine? To never expand your company? To never find true love or the job of your dreams?

Roll the dice. Be willing to fail – it’s not the worst thing that can happen. After all, you could be married to a lawyer.


  1. yeah sistah, you're preachin' to me for sure! you just met me so you didn't see the years of sabotage i did to my performance... thank God i'm done with that crap... and yes, i paid a little bit of pain last year to breakdown that final fear of the crabs in this town and i'm ready to do it... what is success and failure in what i do? to me, just stepping out and creating music will mean success to me... if it reaches the ears and hearts of many people, then hallelujah! oh it's on baby... time to cut the crap... love ya! ~*R

  2. Success is relative. To someone living in a box in the park, it is a blanket and meal, to a politician, its a vote, to you and me, it's what we value.

    I have never looked in the mirror and said, "Now there is a successful man". But it wouldn't surprise me if others didn't look at me and think that. At the same time, there are plenty more that believe they are so successful, that they are happiest looking down their nose at me, basing their opinion of my failure to society.

    Waking up on this side of the lawn is a success. Laughing with friends and family is a success in my life. Shining up the car or the bike and going for a pointless cruise is something than gives me a feeling of success. Watching the sunset at night or a sunrise at daybreak makes me check my priorities at the door and realize my successes in life.

    Being the "perfect" weight or holding the "perfect" job, or having the "perfect" hair color ... those are superficial things that society loads on us, based on what others define as "success".

    My favorite quote, "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."
    — Dr. Seuss

  3. My mentor always told me that the biggest gamblers are the biggest winners. Of course, sometimes they are the biggest losers, too. But the trick is in knowing when to stop and walk away.

    You got to know when to hold 'em; know when to fold 'em....

    MJ Pope
    New York City